Monday, October 10, 2011

The Gallivanter Beggar Boy...

Something very strange happened to me today. I woke up in the morning, very happy and very enthusiastic. I have my own reasons to be happy.
I left for office in my friend's car. I took the usual path, but today the roads were jam more than usual. I was waiting way behind the queue on a traffic signal. This is the signal where I stop daily. These signals have a story of their own. You can always see a lot of things happening over these signals.
On an average I stay at this particular signal for around 4-5 minutes. But these 5 minutes says a lot. You see a lot of people all around you. Someone is busy on his phone, someone is looking over to a beautiful girl crossing in a rickshaw and some girl in the back car who left for work in hurry is busy doing her makeup.
The thing which stroked me the most was this beggar boy. He was around 12 or 13 years old suffering from polio. This boy was full of energy. He seemed to be always happy and smiling. There was something in his smile that always stole my attention. He used to pass my car daily but never asked me anything.
Today he knocked my window. He gave me a sweet smile and greeted 'Hello'. I thought what has happened to him today.
"Can I ask you something?” he said.
I nodded my head in yes thinking he'll make some stupid story and ask for money.
"Can you bring me some crackers for this Diwali?"
It came as a shock to me. I felt ashamed in front of his decent request. He said nothing else, just kept looking at me. His eyes penetrated my soul.
"I will definitely." He left with joy.
His request reminded me of my younger siblings...

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